Thursday, 16 October 2014

Kansai Airport Station

From Kansai International Airport travel to Osaka or Kyoto, there have few options like take rail and buses. Rail  have 2 type are which are expensive high speed rail call JR and cheap but relatively long Nankai Electric Railway

Due to reach Kansai airport at late afternoon, we buy ICOCA & Haruka premium package where inside got a ticket travel to Kyoto by take this quick train JR Kansai Airport Express HARUKA  about 75 minutes from Kansai International Airport will reach to Kyoto.

On the road-map below show that besides JR, there had a green line called Nankai Electric Railway which go to Osaka.If go kyoto a bit trouble, need to change another line to kyoto.
Railway Networks

 Kansai Airport Station connected to Kansai International Airport with the sky bridge

 Continnue walk thru to Kansai airport station, you will see the JR & Nankai selling ticket office and station departure.
JR office
inside JR office 


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