Thursday, 2 August 2012

Start Travel Korea...

No idea why sudden I will choose Korea to travel this year ?
what the reason ????
Isn't the Korean drama effect ? No
isn't Korean food ? No
Isn't Airasia ? Yes, airasia ticket to Seoul is quite cheap.
Because of it, therefore impetuous to buy a ticket.

After booking, just release that I not idea about Korea, and keep rush to find info about it on web.
Below are the little info about Korea.

Country Name              Republic of Korea (South Korea)
Capital City                   Seoul (10.4 million) (2010)
National Flag               Taegeukgi
National Flower             Mugunghwa (Rose of Sharon)
Currency                       won (US$1 = 1,156.3 won) (2010)
Language                       Korean (Writing system: Hangeul)


People Population

 48.87million(SouthKorea) (2010)
* Foreign Residents (including short-term sojourners) 1.2 million
* Cities by Population:
Seoul  (10.4 million)
Busan(3.6 million)
Incheon(2.7 million)
Daejeon(1.5 million)
Gwangju (1.4 million), Ulsan (1.1 million) (2010)
Median Age                                       38 years (2010)
Economically Active Population    24.5 million (2010)
Population Increase Rate                0.26% (2010)
Life Expectancy                                Male, 77 years; female, 83.8 years (2009)

A 2005 census showed one half of the population practice religion. Among them 10,726,463 Buddhists, 8,616,438 Protestants, and 5,146,147 Catholics comprise the three dominant religions.


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